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Alle Belle

It’s that time of the year, alle Belle time. My maternal grandmother, Mai as we called her, used to make this faithfully. Mum does it too. Given my madness to give recipes a spin, I added color to the batter. I divided the batter and added gel colour, just a smidge. This is a simple recipe but you need oodles of patience especially if you are going to make for friends and family. 

Collect it:

250 gms Maida 

2 Eggs (lightly beaten)

Salt to taste 

Water as required for the batter  Oil for coating the pan for each pancake

Make it:

For the Filling:

Mix together the below mentioned ingredients & keep aside to fill the pancakes.

1 big fresh Coconut (scraped) 

3 Goan Pyramid Palm Jaggery or to taste (grated or broken into fine pieces) {used half Goa jaggery and half Mumbai jaggery because we didn’t have enough}

4 pods Green Cardamom (powdered)

Procedure for the Pancake Batter:

In a sufficiently large bowl, sift the maida along with salt.

Add the beaten eggs & water to prepare a sufficiently thin batter. 

The batter should be of dropping consistency like dosa batter which can spread easily.

The pan size depends on the size of the pancake you would like to prepare. 

Heat a mid size frying pan till hot add/brush just enough oil to coat that Do not add too much oil.

Pour a ladle of the batter & immediately roll the pan along with the batter.

Make sure it coats the pan evenly & sufficiently thick.

If the coat is too thin then the pancake will break. The batter should hold well. 

Cook only on one side for about a minute or try & lift with a spatula, If it tends to lift easily then it is done. Over turn the pan to flip the pancake on to the plate.

Prepare all the pancakes with the batter in this way. Assembling the Alle Belle with the Filling: 

Place a pancake on a plate.

Place sufficient coconut -jaggery filling the centre & fold both the sides inward that it overlaps; making sure that the filling is well covered or roll like a swiss roll.

Fill all pancakes in this way & place gently on a platter.


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