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Beer Bread

This is an absolutely no fuss recipe. It needs no arm workout, no skill but it does need patience. Loads and loads of patience. You won’t regret this one.

Collect it:

• 350 ml (12 oz) can of beer (You can use any brand)

• 3 cups all purpose flour

• 1/2 tsp yeast

• 1 1/2 tsp salt

• Egg yolk / milk for glaze

For beer bread with herbs

In addition to the above, you will need:

• 1 1/2 tsp mixed herbs

• 4 cloves of garlic, finely minced or 1 tsp garlic powder (I prefer garlic powder)

• 4 tbsp melted butter

• 1 tsp red chillie flakes

• 1 tbsp of dried onion flakes


I have made this bread several times.  Both variations taste nice. 

If using the ready made mixed herbs, watch for the chillies in it. If the mix has red chillies, omit the extra 1 tsp red chillie flakes.

Once you get the hang of it, you can work on the variations. I have made this also with bits of lightly fried bacon.  You have to add this after the first rise. 

Make it:

You will need to remember that salt and yeast are not the best of friends. Place salt and yeast on different sides of the all purpose flour.

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Cover with cling film or damp towel. Rest for 8 – 12 hours. In summer, the dough tends to rise faster. In the monsoons, the weather we are in right now, the dough takes a little longer.

You will need a loaf tin (7 x 4 x 4). The size of the tin is important. Basically, you need something which will give you height. I used a Pullman's Loaf tin.

Grease loaf pan with oil. After the dough has doubled in size, remove and shape it in the pan. Cover with cling film or damp towel and rest for 3 hours more. If you get done earlier, great. Else keep it a little longer. Brush the top with egg yolk / milk / water.

Preheat the oven at 200 deg C for 30 minutes. Bake the bread for 20 minutes. You might need to keep it a little longer depending on the oven. Keep a watch on it.

The bread stays fresh for days if stored well. I store the bread in aluminium foil and in an airtight container. If you must store it for many days, freeze it.

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