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Bolo de Laranja

This is Wendell Rodricks’ recipe. I loved his style of writing a recipe and so I will replicate it as is. Have tried this recipe several times. Because I dislike bare cakes, I once covered it with marzipan. You can, however, decorate it the way you wish ….

Aunt Tia Elsa, creamed 200 grams sugar into 200 grams butter. When creamy she added four eggs, one at a time, whisking the mixture to a froth. This seemed like serious exercise for Liana.

Tia Elsa then heated the oven to high for seven minutes and then lowered it to medium. Into the oven went the cake mix in a greased cake tin.

When done, she turned the cake over and poured the juice of a second orange over the cake and sprinkled two tablespoons of sugar over the cake.

Liana was surprised at the moistness and how the cake melted away on her tongue.


+ to make a lactose free cake, substitute butter with 80 gms oil. 


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