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Bread Pudding (Lactose Free)

Mum makes delicious bread pudding but with milk and without specific measurements. I came across Sandra Sarkar’s recipe which I tweaked because of both the bread and milk. You can use regular milk but be sure to heat it and cool it down.

Collect it:

For the caramel

• 3 tbsp granulated sugar

• 1 tsp water

For the Pudding

• 6 slices of white bread (I used 3 loaves of baker's bread)

• 1/2 liter almond milk (or regular milk)

• 1/4 cup granulated sugar

• 3 eggs at room temperature

• 1/2 tsp vanilla essence

Make it:

We begin with making the caramel. Take granulated sugar in a saucepan with water and melt till it is auburn color. Don't stir too much or it will crystallize. Don't burn or it will turn bitter. Once done pour this in your pan and cool (pan should fit in steaming vessel with lid on top)

Simultaneously heat a little water in your pan in which you will steam the pudding.

In a blender soak bread in milk, that is heated and cooled, along with sugar. You can adjust this according to your taste.

After 5 mins blitz this mix till well blended and sugar is melted. Now add eggs (room temperature) and blitz again. Add vanilla essence.

Add this to your pan with caramel. Pan should be cool or sugar will crack.

Cover this with aluminum foil in a way that no water/steam should fall in the pan

Now in your large pan which has boiling water, put a stand or a small katori, then place the covered pan gently.

Cover this and steam for approximately 45 minutes on medium flame. If you use a pan like I did, you might need longer.

Then gently open the lid, peel foil from one corner taking care not to drop water in pan and put a knife in to check. If it comes clean then it's done. Else, keep for another 5-10 minutes.

Turn off gas, gently remove pan. Remove foil. Let it cool.

Once cool keep a plate on top of pan and gently overturn. Tap pan so the pudding flips on the plate. Refrigerate. It tastes and cuts betters when chilled. Enjoy.

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