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Carrot Truffles

Having developed lactose intolerance and having sweet teeth has me looking for lactose free recipes. Here’s some simple and easy peasy. 

Collect it:

6-7 medium sized sweet Carrots 2 cups powdered Sugar (1 cup = 150 ml) 200 gms desiccated coconut

¼ lime Juice of ¼ Lemon 7-8 drops Vanilla Essence ½ tsp cinnamon powder pistachio to roll truffles (optional)

Make it:

WASH and PEEL Carrots. Boil them in pressure cooker. Puree the carrots (without water). Keep the water used to boil carrots. Add them to gravies or when making a dough.

HEAT the carrot puree with sugar. The original recipe calls for 2 cups of sugar, I used 1 ½. Let it simmer on medium to low heat for 20 minutes. Add vanilla, cinnamon, lemon juice.

SET ASIDE 3 tbsp coconut for rolling truffles. Mix rest of the coconut and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Turn off the gas.

COOL the mixture for around 15-20 minutes. When the mixture has cooled down a little and is comfortable to handle, make balls of the desired size. Roll in coconut or pistachio and put in the fridge to set. Keep in an airtight container in the fridge.

Helpful Tips:

The amount of sugar will depend on the quality, sweetness and size of carrots. Better to start with less sugar and add after tasting.

You can roll in the truffles in coconut, pistachio, grated cashewnuts, grated hazel nuts

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