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Di.Wine Collection: Mango Wine

Cooking time – 10 minutes

Ready in 42 days

Yield – 5 liters approx

Collect it:

• 1 kg Ripe Mangoes

• 1 ¼ kg Sugar (or more depending upon the sweetness of mango)

• 4 liters Boiled and cooled water

• ½ tbsp Yeast

• 250 gm Rock Sugar

Make it:

Wash and wipe mangoes with a clean cloth.

Peel and dice mango into small pieces.

Put diced mango pieces, sugar, water and yeast into a clean sterilized bottle. Mix well and cover the bottle with a clean cloth or with lid little loosely.

Stir this mixture for 21 days.

After 21 days strain the mixture through a clean cheese / muslin cloth into a clean dry vessel.

Clean and sterilize the bottle or use another sterilized bottle and pour the strained wine.

Crush the rock sugar and to the wine. Stir until the rock sugar dissolves.

Keep this again for another 21 days and thereafter strain the wine again and pour it into clean dry bottles.

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