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Ditz Meat Loaf

This is a very special recipe. I have made it numerous times and its super delicious. You can steam the meat load but I prefer it cooked.

Collect it:

· 250 gms beef mince

· 100 gms ham, trimmed (I dont use the fat

at all) and minced

· 100 gms salami

· 1 egg

· 1 onion roughly chopped

· 1 loaf of bread (paowala bread) or 2

slices of white bread (briefly soaked,

remove water)

· 10-12 pepper corns, crushed

· salt to taste (be careful cause the ham has salt in it)

· 2 packets of bacon rashers (optional)

· Tomato sauce (2 tbsp) mixed with (1 tsp) mustard (optional)

Make it:

Wash the mince and set it aside. Let the water drain. Mix all the meat and put it in a pan along with onion and half the pepper powder. Put this on the gas and let it cook on medium flame. The mince will release water. Hence, do not add any water. Let the water dry out. Once the water has dried out, turn off the gas and let the mix cool down completely.

When cooled use a mixer grinder and give it a rough mince. Do it in batch. Do not make it a complete paste.

Preheat the oven at 130 degree C.

Add egg, remaining pepper, bread and combine the meat mix. Check for salt.

Baking the meatloaf:

Method 1: Place the meatloaf in a baking tin and bake for 20 minutes.

Method 2: Line the baking tin with bacon rashers. You can overlay them or place them randomly. Part of the bacon will hang out of the baking tin. Pack the meat mix in it. And fold the bacon hanging out of the tin over the meatloaf. Place it in a baking tin and bake for 20 minutes. If you are using this method please leave at least a one inch gap from the top. When the bacon renders its fat, it will not spill out. It is safer to place the tin a tray before baking.

Let the meatloaf cool. Place a plate on the top and demould the meatloaf. Preheat the oven. Mix mustard and tomato sauce. Brush the top of the meatloaf and return the meatloaf to the oven for another 10 minutes. This step is completely optional.

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