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Fenugreek (Methi) leaves and dry Bombay duck (Bombil)

Collect it

· 4-5 cups of chopped Methi Green (small methi, you can also use big methi leaves)

· 7-8 medium sized dry Bombay duck (Bombil) [clean, cut into 1” pieces and soak in water]

· 1 tsp cumin seeds

· 1 tsp turmeric powder

· 2.5 tbsp. oil

· 2 large onions, sliced

· 4 green chillies

· Salt to taste

· 1/2 cup fresh coconut grated to garnish

Make it

HEAT oil. Add cumin seeds and allow it to splutter.

ADD onions and chillies and sauté till translucent. 

DRAIN the fish and add to the onions. Add salt and tumeric. Add the fenugreek leaves and saute just until the water has oozed out. 

COVER and cook for 5 more minutes. Switch off the fire and garnish with coconut.

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