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Hariyali Chicken Kebab

This again is a Bhavna Kamath recipe. It called for drumsticks, I used three chicken legs which were available at home.

Collect it:

• 6 Chicken Drumsticks (leg pieces)

• 1 medium sized lemon, juiced

• 1 single cube of processed cheese,

grated (approx 2 Tbsps, not more)

• 2 Tbsps thick Yoghurt/Dahi

• 8-9 Green chillies (hot variety)

• 1/2 Cup (packed) Coriander leaves (sorted and cleaned

• 1 tsp Black Peppercorns

• 8-9 Cloves of Garlic

• 3 (medium sized) Green Cardamoms (only seeds)

• Salt to taste

• 1- 1 ½ Tbsps Ghee/Butter/Oil for basting.

Make it:

Marinate the cleaned Chicken drumsticks with salt and juice of 1 lemon. Keep aside for 20 minutes. I marinated it for 24 hours.

Powder the cardamom seeds and peppercorns in a blender/mixie first. Then add rest of the ingredients and blend to a smooth paste. Apply the marinade to the chicken legs most lovingly.

Marinate for a minimum of an hour. PLEASE REFRIGERATE IT. When you refrigerate, the cheese, cream and yoghurt will harden and stick well to the chicken. If you keep it longer than that, it's an added bonus. It makes the chicken easier and faster to cook and the masala seep in well resulting in excellent taste.

This can be pan fried, baked or air fried. When you want to cook the kababs, remove it from the fridge and prepare it immediately.

Serve hot with Kachumbar, Mint/Coriander chutney. It can be had with Parathas/Phulkas/Rice.

FOR PAN FRYING: Heat some ghee/butter/oil in a pan or a grill pan, and place the drumsticks. Do not crowd the pan. Baste it once with the choice of fat. Cook on medium low flame covered. After, 4-5 minutes, turn it over and baste again with ghee/butter/oil. Do it till its cooked and gets a char on the outside.

FOR BAKING: Pre-heat the oven to 190°C.

Line a tray with butter paper, and place the drumsticks on it. Baste it once with the fat of your choice. And bake it for 40 mins. Baste it with fat every 12 mins every time you turn it over.

(It took me close to 50-52 mins. to bake). Then I kept it on Grill mode for 4 mins to get a good char (English char not to be confused with Hindi char cos I said grill for 4 mins

For AIR FRYING: Keep it on chicken mode and fry for 6-8 minutes. (I don't have an air-fryer. My friend gave me this info)

    1 cup = 200 ml
    1 Tbsp = 15 ml
    1 Tsp = 5 ml.

All vegetables used are Indian size.
Always line the trays or tins with butter paper, it is easier to clean the tins later. And also, whatever you've kept on it (food) will not get stuck to the paper.
The kababs won't get spicy or hot with the quantity of the chillies and spices mentioned. The cheese, cream, lemon and the chicken take the heat of it all.
You can substitute processed cheese with Cheddar.

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