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Jhatpat Kulfi

Patroness of patience is what my friends call me. But trust me patience in the kitchen is something I don’t have and certainly in this heat. I like recipes that are jhatpat. Less than 10 minutes and I am on top of the world. 

When I chat with friends, a question that always pops up is “what’s cooking?” I must confess that while I enjoy being at home, I miss work, my friends who are my lifeline. Monotony is setting in and I’m looking for ideas. So a very dear friend suggested I do kulfi. Here’s a quick recipe for kulfi… its artery clogging but very delicious (all good things are delicious, aren’t they?). This one is for my kulfi friend. Thanks for the suggestion. Keep them coming. 

Collect it: 

  1. 1 tin Mitai mate (condensed milk) [I used 3/4th the tin since it tends to get very sweet]

  2. 2 tins of fresh cream (measure it in the condensed milk container)

  3. 1 cup of cold milk (measure it in the condensed milk container)

  4. 1/2 cup of pistachio (or nuts of your choice). In the past I have also added the left overs from Christmas…. raisins soaked in rum!

Make it:

MIX: In a bowl mix condensed milk, cream and milk. Whisk it nicely into smooth mixture.

COMBINE: the nuts. 


+ Pour in a bowl.

+ You can use mango and strawberry ice cream containers. 

+ You can use earthen pots, make sure they are washed well. 

+ Pour in shot glasses with sticks or decorative sticks!

+ Use a plastic container. 

Best kept overnight.

PS: extra walking heavily recommended after you have indulged in this goodness. But do stay safe. Cheers


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