• Benwen Lopez

Lactose Beetroot Halwa

Absolutely loved this recipe. Simple to make. You can use regular milk (instead of almond milk) and sugar (instead of jaggery). 

Collect it: 

·        3 tbsp ghee

·        2 beetroots, grated

·        6 almonds, chopped

·        6 cashews, chopped

·        6 walnuts,  chopped

·        1 cup almond milk

·        ½ tsp cardamom powder

Make it:

 HEAT 1 tbsp ghee in pan and roast almonds, cashews and walnuts. Set aside.

 ADD 2 tbsps ghee. Add grated beetroots. Cook for five minutes on high flame.

 ADD 1 cup almond milk. Mix, cook on low flame for about 8 minutes.

 ADD jaggery and cardamom powder. Cook till mixture is dry. Garnish with roasted dry fruits. 

#IndianDessert #Lactosefree