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Manglorean Chicken Sukka

Chicken sukka, a recipe which is quite popular in south Indian Mangalore region made using masala paste which is neither too dry nor a gravy curry.  For years I have been enjoying chicken sukka, thanks to Doc.

About the time I made my own, just to tick it off my bucket list of recipes. This goes well with neer dosa (yet another Manglorean dish I want to master)

Credit: Helen Sequeira (shared by Fr. Warner D’Souza)

Notes: The masala is sufficient for 2 kilos of chicken or 1 ½ kilo if you like it very spicy.

Collect it:

For Masala 

· 24 Cloves                                     

· 2 tbsp Peppercorns                       

· 2 heaped tsp Jeera                                       

· 1” Cinnamon                             

· 3 Cardamom                           

· 30 Kashmiri chilly               

· 7 heaped tbsps Coriander seeds               

Other ingredients

· 1  ½ kg Chicken  (with bone, cut in bite-size pieces)                               

· 3 medium Onions                                   

· 1 tbsp Ginger garlic paste          

· ½ Grated coconut               

· ½ Lime juice                             

· Oil

Make it

ROAST on a hot pan for a minute all the ingredients for the masala except the chillies.

IN A FRESH PAN add a little oil and fry the red chillies.

DRY GRIND the chillies and the roasted masala ingredients. Set aside.

In a large vessel, FRY the finely chopped onions in two tablespoons of oil (you may need a little more later).

ADD the chicken. Stir this for two minutes before adding the ginger and garlic paste. In a minute, add the dry ground masala powder (go easy if you don’t want it too spicy) and mix it well.

ADD half a cup of water and let the chicken cook. You want your chicken dry and not with a gravy.

ADD freshly grated coconut while mixing it all together. Garnish with fresh coriander and if you like add half a lime juice before serving.

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