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Motichoor Rabri Parfait

Our festival season is round the corner. Motichoor Rabri Parfait is a modern twist on traditional Indian desserts. I topped my parfait with gulab jamuns since I had them at home.

Credit: Whiskaffairs

Serves 6

Collect it:

• 1 litre Full cream milk

• 1 tsp Cardamom powder

• 3 tbsp Sugar (or as per taste)

• Almond and pistachio slivers for


• Gulab Jamun (optional)

Make it:

In a heavy bottom pan, heat full cream milk. When it come to a boil, turn the heat to simmer. Let the milk cook on a low flame till it is reduce to half. Keep a watch and scrape the sides of the pan.

Add cardamom powder and sugar. Cook till the milk has thickened and reduced to nearly ¼th of the original quantity.

Remove the rabri from heat and let it cool completely. You can keep the grainy texture. But I like the Rabri smooth. If so, churn it once in a blender.

Crumble the ladoos and make a layer of motichoor in shot glasses.

Pour rabri on top. Garnish with almond and pistachio slivers. I topped the rabri with gulab jamun.

Make all the parfaits in a similar manner.

Refrigerate for 6-8 hours before serving.

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