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Mutton Pepper Roast

This is a simple recipe. You cannot go wrong with this one. I have made this with beef. It works with beef and mutton. The recipe is for 250 gms of meat. If you are make a bigger quantity, make the necessary changes.

Collect it:

• 250 gms Mutton (I used boneless)

• 1 medium Onion, slices

• 10-12 Curry leaves

• 1 inch Cinnamon stick

• 2 small Black cardamom

• 1 medium Bay leaf

• ½ tsp Turmeric powder

• 1 tsp Red chillie powder

• 2 tsp Black pepper powder (freshly crushed black pepper adds oomph. I prefer freshly

crushed pepper)

Make it:

Cut mutton into small pieces.

Heat oil in pan, put onions, then add curry leaves, cinnamon stick and black cardamom.

Sauté for 15 seconds then add mutton. Mix. Add turmeric (don't add turmeric powder if you want a darker colour for the roast).

Add red chillie powder and black pepper powder. Add little water and let it cook till the mutton is tender, soft and completely dry.

Roast it for 5 mins on medium flame in the end. Serve hot.


This is a peppery dish. You can reduce the pepper as per taste. 
I cooked this in a pressure cooker. Approximately three whistles and 20 minutes on simmer. 

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