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Prawn Balchao Butter

My friend, Bonita, inquired if I had a recipe for Balchao Butter. Forget the recipe I had not even heard about it. A little reading and research I discovered something called compound butter. Basically you can add whatever you want and you get flavoured butter. You can use herbs, maple syrup, just about anything .... My Goan roots got the better of me and here is my version of Balchao butter.

Collect it:

• 1 portion of prawn balchao

• 150 gms of unsalted butter at room


Make it:

In a bowl, whip the butter till nice and fluffy. Gently fold in the prawn balchao. Check for salt and balchao masala. Adjust accordingly.

Store in small jars.

Serve with warm poe, the Goan bread


You must use unsalted butter so that you can adjust the salt accordingly. 

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