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Sugarcane Juice (without sugarcane)

Came across this recipe by Krishna Naresh Soni. I miss my sugarcane fix at Nature's Basket (the sanitized version). With ginger and lime, this comes close! Very refreshing in this heat. It is simple, try it.

Dedicating this to my dearest friend who got me hooked to Sugarcane Juice at Nature's. Happy Birthday Doc!

Collect it:

• ½ cup of Jaggery * (see notes)

• 1 cup water

• 2 medium size sour limes

• 1/2 inch ginger

• Black salt to taste

• Fresh mint leaves (optional)

Make it:

Soak half cup Jaggery in one cup of water. Once Jaggery has dissolved, transfer this liquid into blender along with juice of 2 medium size lemons, half inch piece of ginger, black salt to taste, and few fresh mint leaves.

Add lots of ice cubes n blend together. Strain this mixture.

While serving, add few ice cubes.


• I used Satara jaggery. I tried it with organic jaggery, not the same.

• 1 cup = 250 ml