• Benwen Lopez

Vegan Chooris Canapes

The State of Goa is famous for its susegad  (easy-going) nature, its beaches and food. Goans love their food!  With mum working, I was exposed to a variety of cuisines. East Indian (EI) cuisine was one of them! The best part of the EI cooking is use of little coconut, something we Goans can’t do without.

Thanks to Dr.Page, I have experimented a lot with EI recipes. This is a vegan version of chooris mince. You can serve the mince plain but I wanted Chooris with oomph… I used canapes. This one is for you, Doc. 

Collect it: 

  1. 1 Green chillie

  2. 1 piece of ginger

  3. Mint leaves (handful)

  4. 1 cup soya granules

  5. I used 1 tbsp oil

  6. 1 tsp salt

  7. 1 tsp garam masala

  8. 1 tsp pepper (or more. Mine is always more!)

  9. 1/2 sour lime

  10. Ready made canape cases

Make it:

CUT FINE: Green chillie, ginger, mint leaves.

SOAK:  the soya granules in hot water. Let it rest for about 5 minutes. Drain excess water. Set aside. 


  1. In a vessel, heat and add oil.

  2. Add the finely cut masala (green chillie, ginger and mint)

  3. Add soya granules. Stir till there are no lumps.

  4. Add salt, garam masala and pepper powder. Add a little water and cook.

  5. When the water has dried, add the juice of sour lime. Stir and keep constantly on slow fire till done.

  6. Serve plain or in canapes. If in canapes they must be consumed faster than you can make it!