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Vegan Mango Phirni

We had a few mangoes at home. Decided to make something vegan which I could indulge in. To make a regular phirni. Substitute Almond milk with regular milk.

Collect it:

· 4 tbsp rice flour

· 5 tbsp Water

· 1 liter Almond Milk or Milk of your choice

· Pulp of 2 Mangoes

· 2-3 Green Cardamom (crushed roughly)

· 1/4 cup Cashew ground to a fine paste

· 200 gms sugar

For Garnish

· A Slice of Mango

· Mint leaves, just a few

Make it:

Mix the rice flour and water well. Set aside.

Peel the mango, chop into pieces. Pulp it in a mixer grinder. Set aside.

In a large pan / kadai boil milk, stirring it occasionally and simmer for 10 minutes. To this add rice flour. Stir continuously for 5 minutes.

Add mango pulp and stir occasionally.

Add crushed green cardamom. Take a little cooked almond milk from the pan and add to the cashew paste and mix it well. You do this to avoid lumps. Add to the almond milk.

Add sugar and mix well till the milk thickens and turn creamy.

Pour it into a bowl, and refrigerate till it sets cool.

Finally, serve chilled mango phirni garnished with a few mango slices and mint leaves.

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